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Where to buy outdoor gear in Malaysia

One of the most frequently asked questions is ‘Where to buy outdoor / adventure gear in Malaysia?‘. There are many places to find outdoor gear. Depending on what you are looking for, sometimes the least known place may offer the best solution to what you are looking for. So, here’s a list of some of the conventional and non-conventional places to buy outdoor gear in Malaysia.

Click here to go straight to a compiled list of outdoor gear retailers in Malaysia.

Physical retailers are of course the most ideal place to buy from. Stepping into a shop selling all sorts of gear is a dream come true. Some of the benefits of buying from a shop includes:

  • you get to feel, browse, do fitting tests and compare different products.
  • you can get useful advise and TIPs
  • shops may offer gear that may compliment your upcoming trip/ adventure

Honestly, I don’t like to go into an outdoor gear shop with cash or credit card. Even if I don’t intend to buy something, I always end up with something totally useless or with something I already have at home. Well, that’s the problem with shops…they tend to:

  • try sell you all sort of stuff you don’t need (and they are usually very convincing!)
  • work on your ‘insecurity’ to buy more and more gear
  • charge more because of their fixed overheads

So…our first option is to buy from a shop…a physical retailer.

The second option is to purchase them online. As of May 2011, we have started our sourcing for outdoor gear and established a Facebook page to feature the items we can offer members. Most of our items are shipped via Poslaju but if you’d like to COD…let us know and we can arrange for something!

Anyway, there are many other online retailers based in Malaysia. Some are established, some barely making it. Here are some pros to buying gear online:

  • generally much cheaper as overheads are lower
  • some items that are not distributed to other resellers can only be purchased online

There’s probably some cons as well. Here are some:

  • you are not able to feel/ touch and test the items prior to purchase
  • you do not know the reliability of the seller.

Hold on! Don’t dismiss online shopping just yet. We still have  international online retailers. Another one of my favorite shopping places :) To do this, use google laaah!

Last but not least, the third avenue to shop for outdoor adventure gears in Malaysia is from other people who uses them. Pre-loved, second hand or hand me downs if you like, some outdoor gears can be purchased at very very cheap price here in Malaysia. Lets put safety equipment like climbing ropes, harnesses and carabineers aside, but some items like clothing, backpacks, pots and stoves are good to buy depending on what you are looking for. Soon, we will have a post on some possible places in Malaysia that you can find pre-loved outdoor gear.

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