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Campingaz stoves, lanterns, gas canister for camping in Malaysia

The Campingaz brand has been in Malaysia for a long time

The blue compact stove by Campingaz has made its way from secondary schools (often refered to as ‘penunu bunsen‘) to camping grounds all over Malaysia. This very familiar color and brand (originated) from France has been around for a long time but their popularity among outdoor enthusiasts in Malaysia has not grown much. Two of their most popular products may very well be the compact stove and the lantern.

Campingaz is still available in Malaysia. There are shops still supplying the products. Like most other camping stoves, the ease and availability of fuel is a major factor in deciding which stove to go with (after safety of course).

Campingaz has definitelly diversified their product range

We have been digging high and low to locate the ‘dealer’ for Campingaz in Malaysia. Many years back, a company by the name of ‘Inchape XXXX’ claimed to be the distributor. But we are unable to verify that now. In any case, we found this company called Borneo Group Malaysia, which throgh our sources supposedly is the current ‘dealer’ for Campingaz in Malaysia.
NOTE: If you know this is NOT true, do write to us here and let us know.

Borneo Group Malaysia could be the dealer for Campingaz products in Malaysia

Now…the above company is only a dealer we assume because on the Campingaz official website, there is no Malaysia distributor specified.

More importantly, where can one get Campingaz brand of products in Malaysia. Actually, the stoves can be found in a lot of hardware shops, tackle shops and some school uniform retailers. In any case, we know for a fact that the following stores do carry some Campingaz products.

If you have more information on shops that sells Campingaz products in Malaysia, do write to us with details.

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