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Mora knife as camping knives in Malaysia

Mora of Sweden is gaining popularity in Malaysia

Most camping knives available in Malaysia are either the (cheap) scouts blade or some overly priced rambo styled mini parangs. The brand Mora of Sweden however has hit the Malaysian market and we reckon they are really good, practical and affordable blades for use as camping knives in Malaysia.

Truth is, the Mora knife has been around for some time in Malaysia but they weren’t given much attention then. These Swedish brand of knives were popular among fishing enthusiasts, collectors and those that knew about their good quality blades. Recently however, the Mora knives have made much presence in the outdoor gear market in Malaysia.

Mora knives are simple, their blades carry a Scandinavian grind and relatively cheap. It is really surprising how sharp these knives are out of the box.

Carbon & stainless steel knife by Mora

Most of the handle and sheaths of Mora knives are made of moulded plastics. Now…while they may look ‘cheap’, they are actually very practical for use in Malaysia’s environment. Unlike wood that swells (unless treated) and leather that rots plastic are robust, easy to clean and light. The plastic sheaths also have a ‘draining’ hole at the end of it, that allows water to flow out easily while crossing rivers etc. This will help keep blade dry.

Simple yet practical knives

There are many models from Mora. Click Swedishknives to check out their other models. However, we particularly like this model of Mora knife (660/ 662) because it has a finger guard. This is especially useful for those who wants the extra ‘safe’ feeling that their hand grip will not slip which may result in slicing off their own fingers.

Note also while hi-carbon blades are easy to sharpen and retains the edge better, they do rust/ stain, especially in our Malaysian environment. If you are going to use it for food preparation, best to stick with stainless steel. Red handles usually means carbon steels in Mora range of knives.

The finger guard can be useful

We know some people despise the finger guard, especially those that does the occasional carving (they claim that is makes it hard to hold the blade). Its a personal choice really. If one is buying a knife for his/ her kid for scouting, this would be an excellent knife to start with. Remember, a blunt knife is a dangerous knife!

So….how much is a Mora knife?

Well, they are surprisingly very cheap compared to some of the other kind of s*** one would fine in Malaysia. Check on the internet and you will be surprised how cheap these reliable Swedish knives are. But to bring them in internationally and potentially deal with Malaysian customs and taxes…we think its best to just pay a bit more and get it locally. At the time of writing, though there are many shops selling Mora knives, we believe the main seller of Mora knives in Malaysia is Mr Nadir from Outdoor Dynamics. He runs an online retail business and is based in Penang.

So…if you are looking for a camping knife in Malaysia, we would recommend Mora of Sweden hand down anytime.

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