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Value for money camping cookware by Zebra (Thailand) now in Malaysia

Zebra (Thailand) range of camping pots is now available in Malaysia! Yippie!

Zebra (Thailand) that manufactures quality Stainless Steel product is now offering this really good value and practical camping cookware (i.e camping pots, cook ware, mess tins) in Malaysia market. For the price that it is sold, we feel that this is probably one of the best, affordable and easily purchased camping cookware in Malaysia. Well done Zebra!

There are many good camping pots mess tins available in Malaysia now. Brands like Trangia, MSR, GSI and Jetboil are all good cookware brands but at the same time they are highly overpriced in Malaysia. Not forgetting some of these brands have their products OEM in factories in Thailand anyway!

So…what alternatives do we have? Zebra (Thailand) has for many years decorated the kitchens of many Malaysian houses with stainless steel products ranging from pots to mugs have recently started offering camping cookware in Malaysia. We first spotted them at Ace Hardware at Midvalley shopping center. This is followed by a photo by one of our friends, Ashley (thank you!).

Zebra camping sets on display at Mid Valley- Pic by Ashley

A few weeks later, we got news that Zebra was doing a promo for their Stainless Steel products at Ikano shopping center. Ashley bought a set and we too decided that perhaps we should have a closer look at it. They are two models. The 3 piece set and the 4 piece set. We bought the 4 piece set…at a discounted price of RM69.90 instead of RM99.90 (promotion period only).

The Zebra camping set box

The contents inside the box

The 4 pieces inside the box

The packaging in the box looks solid. The words SUS304 in small prints on the box refers to the type of material used on the product. A quick search on the internet provided us with the below info:

‘it is the stainless steel and heat-resistant steel which is most widely used. Applications : the equipment of food production , ordinary chemical equipment, nuclear energy, etc.’
Source: http://www.smc-steel.com/SUS304_18Cr-8Ni_90.html

It comes with a semi-mesh bag for the entire kit. The first feel, this is of good quality. This is especially useful for stowing the kit away and the mesh certainly a plus…helps to keep the contents aired.

Good quality bag…well thought

The mesh side of the bag will help to keep its contents ventilated

Out of the bag, each of the individual items was wrapped in plastic. The pots definitely feel solid, not like some of the cheap and thin similar products. There is only one lid and it fits both the pots but not for the pan. The larger pot comes with a hanging handle and the other with an attached handle. Well thought!

The 4 pieces of stainless steel camping cookware from Zebra (Thailand)

The hanging handle on the larger pot

The side handle for both the mid size pot and the pan

While many are flocking (some blindly) with the whole hype of light/ ultra light camping (frankly… this is the sort of hype retailers and manufacturers come up with to keep their sales going), stainless steel cookware will forever has its place in the outdoor gear line up. They are more resistant to heat and definitely do not have users worrying about that black non-stick coating that is going to come off and harm health. Plus…there is no need for special utensils to make sure that expensive non-stick surface is not ‘scratched’ when in use. To top it all…we can also use them at home everyday as well as when we go camping. These Zebra products will blend in with the rest of our kitchen ware with ease.

Why we like it? We like it because it is practical, affordable and something that we can use in our home kitchen as well as when we go out camping. Yes, they may be a bit heavier and perhaps requires a little bit more work when washing; then again…this is what makes cooking and camping in the outdoors fun!

The only thing left for us to do with this Zebra camping cookware is to bring them our for an actual field test. That is the easy part.


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