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Mil-Spec Monkey morale patches, a must have for tactical enthusiasts in Malaysia

MSM products now available at OGM Shop


Any tactical enthusiast would know the name Mil-Spec Monkey or MSM. A group of individuals who started as tactical gear reviewers, they eventually got into designing super cool artwork that gets transferred onto patches. The morale patches as they are called decorates packs, uniforms and even walls of enthusiast all over the world including. In Malaysia, MSM products can be purchased or ordered at OGM in SS15, Subang Jaya.


One of the more popular patches by MSM in Malaysia

Ok…MSM products are not just about patches. They have a knack for turning ideas, jokes into a single pieces of embroidery (some in PVC) but they are also very good at coming up with products that helps to make things better. Solutions to small things that will irritate the user to day’s end.

Our personal favorite

Anyway, one of OGM Shop’s business partner was in the US recently, met up with the folks at MSM and brought back a good range of patches for the shop. It was awesome. The moment we announced it on Facebook, the booking went off the roof.


One of the patch book that’s available at OGM Shop

The only way to truly appreciate the patches is to touch, feel and humor yourself with the messages that comes with it. Only then will you understand why they are so sought after. For more information on how to get your own Mil-Spec Monkey patches in Malaysia, contact OGM Shop at 03-5613 3690 between 11am to 8m weekdays. You will not be disappointed.

A MSM patch on a tactical pack by Mystery Ranch


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